NIGERIA: Half a Million Children Face Malnutrition in Forgotten Crisis in Northern Nigeria

NIGERIA: Half a Million Children Face Malnutrition in Forgotten Crisis in Northern Nigeria

So this article is chock full of issues that definitely need to be further dissected. I will outline the main points but follow the attached link for the whole picture in a slightly larger context:

  • The article begins by addressing the current crisis arising from violence between insurgents and Nigeria’s security forces which have displaced thousands of people in Northern Nigerian states.
  • When discussing malnutrition they are referring to the WHO’s definition as a very low weight for height, visible severe wasting, or the presence of nutritional fluid retention or oedema.
  • The absence of the UN’s World Food Program in responding has had a major impact; however, the reasons for their non-responsiveness are layered (primarily mutual distrust)
  • Fear of Boko Haram as well as the Nigerian Security Forces is greatly restricting movement, which contributes to the limited access to resources

 Western media outlets seem to want us to be believe that these issues are only present in Northern Africa (i.e the displacement and political strife associated with the Arab spring movements that seem to resurface on larger scales every few months), but that is not the case. Perhaps the media just takes more interest in the North than the West. Wouldn’t be the first time. Not that I am a huge fan of more CNN ticker news on “starving Africans”, but I do find it sad how only certain countries seem to be regularly acknowledged. Yes, the coup to overthrow Morsi in Egypt was newsworthy, but so are these issues. 


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