Started from the bottom….why are we still here??

I don’t get it….and by “it” I mean the tension between African Americans and Africans. There seems to be an imaginary line demarcating our cultures, but where did it come from? We all know of black Americans who refuse to use the title “African” when describing themselves. We all know Africans who condescendingly believe that they have more intelligence and work ethic than an average African American. Sadly, people don’t seem to understand that as long as we stay hating (disrespecting, judging, and alienating ourselves from) each other we will never grow to our full potential as a united people, and by staying divided we remain powerless.

Oh well.



Check out the article below on an upcoming film that will attempt to explore these issues.

Actor Isaiah Washington has joined the production team of Sibling Rivalry – which addresses the “little known tension that exists between Africans and African Americans” – along with Owino and Tene Carter.

Glad to see Mr. Washington – a passionate Pan-Africanist and advocate of tracing your African roots via DNA testing – involved in bringing this much needed dialogue to the screen.

Read the full press release below, followed by the teaser and poster:

Los Angeles, CA – In Los Angeles Monday July 8, 2013 actor, producer and philanthropist, Isaiah Washington will join producing team, Peres Owino, and Tene Carter in the documentary BOUND: Africans and African Americans, a film that looks at the relationship between Africans and African Americans and how it relates to their complex struggle with self-identity. Bridging the gap in identity and social awareness, the film depicts the views of what has shaped the moral fabric and struggles shared and not shared on the two continents.

Caught in a duality of souls, the layers are ultimately revealed to show a common bond and thru line that we can all relate to. Isaiah Washington will serve as an Executive Producer as he retells his journey back to Africa and being awarded a citizenship in Sierra Leone, solely based on his DNA. “We felt if there was ever a topic that needed to be addressed, this was it. It’s fascinating how people whose histories are almost similar, have such a difficult time relating to one another. Having Isaiah onboard is pivotal, because his own journey back to Africa reflects the hope of this film,” Owino says.

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