UGANDA: #KibuuleMustGo


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Ugandans online are demanding their Youth Affairs Minister Ronald Kibuule resign after comments they say blame women for rape.  Kibuule reportedly told the Daily Monitor newspaper, “I have talked to…the police in Kampala to see that if a woman is raped, they look at how she was dressed. Most women currently dress poorly, especially the youth. If she is dressed poorly and is raped, no one should be arrested”. The minister claims he was misquoted, but his denials didn’t stop a petition calling for him to step down and a flood of tweets with hashtags like #KibuuleMustGo and #KibuuleOut.

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Personally, I find this type of talk extremely dangerous. Remember it is NEVER the victims fault in rape crimes. No one has a right to invade your body. Although the Youth Minister has claimed that his statement was either incorrectly transcribed or taken out of context, I am yet to hear of a sincere apology on his part or an attempt to undo the damage he has done. It’s scary how people in power can get away with such dangerous speech, isn’t it?


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